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Year 6

Mrs Butler makes me smile.

Donnell, Year 6

Year 6 is taught by the passionate Mrs Butler.

The Year 6 curriculum is varied and exciting. 

Topics include:

  • Ancient Egypt, Rebuilding Britain, and the Atlantic Slave Trade;
  • The Amazon, Rivers and Towns;
  • Evolution, Circuits and Healthy bodies;
  • Creation, Faith and Christian Aid and Islamic Relief;
  • Beatriz Milhazes, Street Art and Printing.

Over the course of Year 6, our children grow in independence and confidence, tackling a much broader range of opportunities that provide an excellent test of resilience. Preparation for secondary school becomes more important as does being role models for younger children across the school.

Parents are asked not to bring the children into school and should encourage them to be independent. Dialogue with the Class Teacher is also encouraged if your child needs additional support with self-organisation.