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Spiritual Ethos

St Peter’s School was founded as a Christian school and, as such, St Peter's is dedicated to nurturing the principles of the Christian faith amongst its pupils through the varied and stimulating regular worship that is at the heart of school life. Those of non-Christian faiths receive the spiritual support they need and are encouraged to share their practices and beliefs. The School is now multicultural and multi-faith, welcoming and inclusive to everyone.

During daily assemblies, children of all religious beliefs are given opportunities for quiet, personal reflection within the busy life of the school. Religious Education is taught to all children and includes all major world religions. During times of collective worship, children are invited to recite the school prayer or observe a moment of reflection, peace and quiet.

The School Prayer:

O Lord

Bless our school

So that working together

And playing together

We can learn to love you

And to love one another