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My daughter is incredibly fussy at home and won’t eat my food, but she loves school food. Can there be a St P Cookbook?

Mrs J, Year 1 parent

At St Peter's School, we promote healthy eating, and we believe that a healthy body complements a healthy mind. Children from Reception to Year 6 are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack for their mid-morning break. Preschool children are provided with a healthy snack each day. Meals are planned by nutritionists and prepared off site in a controlled kitchen but cooked on site, offering a healthy choice and a vegetarian option. All meat is from the UK and all fish is sustainably caught in UK waters. Our strict nutrition and allergy control process ensures that all food is safe, with no added colours or preservatives. Seated, family-style, formal dining encourages interaction between pupils and staff, providing an opportunity to catch up with the busy activities of the day, and promoting good table manners.

St Peter's is able to cater for special dietary requirements relating to medical conditions, allergies and religious observance. Please discuss any specific dietary needs with your Class Teacher or the School Office.

St Peter's has been awarded a Heartbeat Award, which indicates our commitment to providing healthier food choices in a healthier environment.

Mrs Capps (Bursar) is the nominated person for any questions you may have about any menu items, and she can be contacted via the School Office. As is required by law, St Peter's is required to advise you of any potential allergens served in our food and Mrs Capps can answer any questions relating to this. Please remember to update your child’s allergy information in the School Office if anything changes.