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I love to sit, read and enjoy the adventures that books take me on.

Maya, Year 4

Our library occupies a central space in the intellectual and academic life of St Peter's and is located in the heart of the Sunnylands building.

The Library provides up-to-date resources for the curricular needs of all Upper School staff and pupils to support work in the classroom and also serves to ignite possible interests or fascinations. Our main aim in the library is to engage a love of books and reading. Lower School children have access to age appropriate books within their teaching building but the library remains a place where anyone can go to relax, enjoy tranquillity and get lost in a book.

The books in the library are regularly updated and the current stock contains insert number books, available to all levels of reader. The Library is organised by Year 6 pupils with a love of reading, and supported by our English Coordinator. Children are given the opportunity to be in the library at lunch times if they wish and teachers can use the space as part of their regular teaching.