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Vision & Values

Put children at the heart of their own learning


School Motto

‘Give me a wise and understanding heart’

(da mihi cor docile)

Driven by our School’s values, our vision is to provide every pupil with the opportunity to develop their full academic, emotional, physical and moral potential in a safe yet challenging environment. We adopt a child-centred approach to everything we do.

At St Peter’s School, we value the 4 Cs.

  • CURIOSITY - A love of learning. Children are open-minded problem solvers.
  • CREATIVITY - Freedom to explore and challenge. Children are reflective.
  • CONFIDENCE - Gaining independence. Children are responsible.
  • COMMUNITY - Caring for people and the world around us. Children are team players.

At St Peter’s School, we aim to:

  • educate the whole child so that they may take their place with confidence in a rapidly changing world;
  • instil a love of learning and develop a growth mindset for everyone in our community;
  • foster an atmosphere of mutual respect that will provide a diverse and enjoyable educational experience for all pupils, parents and staff;
  • promote through friendship and Christian values, an atmosphere of tolerance and regard for others so that pupils can make a positive contribution to all aspects of their life;
  • develop essential human values that include honesty, kindness and loyalty;
  • enable each child to have a sense of achievement by providing a wide spectrum of opportunities within academia, sport and the arts.