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Homework is a valued part of the learning process at St Peter’s, essential for both academic and personal development. It's aim is to consolidate work covered during the school day and prepare for lessons taking place the following day.

Homework also gives children personal responsibility for their school work, preparing them for secondary school. Working in a structured and disciplined way at home will also contribute to success at examination level. Our approach begins in Reception when children read aloud with their families to support the development of speech and language taking place in class. As pupils move through each year group, the expectations for homework grow appropriately at a pace to suit each child. Children are encouraged to research, investigate, and experiment topics that interest them, as well as engage with both written and online activities to consolidate and challenge their learning.

For Upper School children particularly, homework becomes part of their preparation for secondary school. The length and frequency of homework increases over the course of Year 5 and 6 as it is important that they learn to cope with the challenges of time keeping and organisation.

The homework tasks set are aimed at being realistic within the available time and individual capabilities of each child. For those who find homework stressful or struggle to find the time around other commitments, it is vitally important that a dialogue occurs with the Class Teacher so that expectations can be managed. As a minimum, children should read, practise their spellings and times tables each evening.