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Year 5

Year 5 is taught by the erudite Mrs McCahill.

The Year 5 curriculum is varied and exciting. 

Topics include:

  • Ancient Greece, Shang Dynasty and World War 2;
  • Scandinavia, Water and Mountains;
  • Separating Materials, Earth and Space and Life Cycles;
  • Christmas, Sikhism and Hinduism;
  • Masks, Landscapes and Sculpture.

Year 5 are responsible for their own learning and their own interests. Children are encouraged to manage their time and their homework independently and taught how to access support when they need it. Children choose creative outlets that suit their personality and they can talk about and analyse the world around them, as well as understand it. They develop relationships which support their own progress academically and can begin to understand their own development opportunities.

Parents are asked not to bring the children into school and should encourage them to be independent with all of their organisation and possessions. Dialogue with the Class Teacher is also encouraged if your child needs additional support with self-organisation.