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Year 1

Year 1 is taught by the compassionate Miss Kirkman.

The Year 1 curriculum is varied and exciting.

Topics include:

  • Toys from the Past, Castles and Famous inventors;
  • The UK, Hot and Cold Places and Our Local Area;
  • Materials, The Seasons, Animals, Humans and Plants;
  • The Christmas Story, Christian Bible stories and Islamic signs and symbols;
  • Puppet making, Space buggies, Dragon Art and Van Gogh.

Year 1 builds upon the strong foundations laid down in Reception. A combination of play based learning and formal learning styles eases the transition into the National Curriculum from the Early Learning Goals. We understand that this transition can be difficult for some pupils and we support you through this process. For others children, they are ready for the increased demands of formal learning and relish this opportunity. Our caring and nurturing start to Key Stage 1 supports everyone at their own rate. 

Parents are asked to bring the children into school and support them when needed with their start and end of day routines and we continue to encourage regular dialogue with the Class Teacher.

In addition to the Reception timetable, Year 1 also has a Games session with Mr Ray and Mr Cox each week.