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Year 3

Year 3 is taught by the inspiring Mrs Glaves and Mrs Palmer.

The Year 3 curriculum is varied and exciting. 

Topics include:

  • Stone Age, Iron Age, Romans, Saxons and Vikings;
  • Weather, Extreme Earth and Maps;
  • Light, Forces and Plants;
  • The Church Year, Festivals and Jesus
  • Cave painting, Model making, Seurat and Mosaics.

For our children, there is a smooth progression into the next stage of their education and they are absolutely ready to embrace a wider variety of challenges and opportunities in Year 3, moving up to the Sunnylands building. In Year 3 the curriculum widens with more diverse topics and more opportunities for children to show resilience, independence and responsibility. Parents are asked not to bring the children into school and, instead, support them when needed at home with their start and end of day routines, allowing the children to take more ownership over their possessions.

Dialogue with the Class Teacher is also encouraged if your child struggles with self-motivation and management.

In addition to the Year 2 timetable, Year 3 also have Drama lessons as part of a creative carousel.