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1. About the PTA

Welcome to your PTA

Welcome to the St Peter's School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), a vibrant community of dedicated volunteers committed to enhancing the educational journey of our students. As a registered charity (Charity No. 1206537), our small yet passionate group of parents and teachers work tirelessly to organize enjoyable fundraising and social events, bringing the communities of school and home closer together. The proceeds generated from these events are reinvested into enriching and advancing the educational experiences offered at St Peter's School in Kettering. Combining fun, a sense of community and the opportunity to meet new faces.  We are always eager to welcome new volunteers who share our vision and appreciate any support you can give, no matter how big or small.  Whether you can lend a hand at our events or bring fresh ideas to our bi-termly meetings, your involvement helps shape the future of our students' education.

Join us in making a difference at St Peter's School PTA!

Please take a look at our upcoming events page to see what events are coming up, and remember, if you would like to get involved, have an idea, a contact or something you would like to donate, please get in touch.  You can contact us directly at and we are often around at drop off or pick up too, so we are happy to chat and look forward to meeting you.

Who We Are

The PTA Committee

Role Name Picture




(Evelyn, Year 3)


Vice Chair


(Elizabeth, Year 6 and Clementine, Year 4)









(Amber, Year 4 and Ebony, Reception)




(Quincy, Year 4)









(Lola, Year 5 and Coco, Preschool)

Teacher Representative Mrs Butler
Teacher Representative Mrs Ward

Year Reps

Year Group Name
Pre-School Becky (Coco)
Reception Zoe (Ebony)
Year 1 Laura (Mindy)
Year 2 Lauren (Sienna)
Year 3 Lucy (Evelyn)
Year 4 Dee (Quincey)
Year 5 Becky (Lola)
Year 6 Liz (Alice)