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Governor Bios

Stephen Aldwinckle

As a qualified accountant and tax advisor, I have dedicated over 20 years to the accountancy industry, honing my expertise in financial matters. Beyond my professional pursuits, I possess a strong passion for rugby and actively engage with the Kettering Rugby Club and Northampton Saints, revelling in the excitement of the sport. In 2014, my family's journey with St. Peters started, as both of my daughters embarked on their educational journey, starting in Sunnylands Nursery. Our connection with the school deepened as I spent five years actively involved in the school's Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), initially as Treasurer and later serving as Chair. It was an honour to be elected to the Governing Body, solidifying my ties with the school and enabling me to contribute and give back for the wonderful opportunities provided to my family.

Bee Bell

I am deeply honored to serve as a governor at St Peter’s School, bringing with me a wealth of experience and passion for education. My academic journey began at Oahkam School which led me to the renowned Warwick University, where I embraced a world full of diverse learning experiences and knowledge. After leaving university, I embarked on my teaching career, dedicating myself to nurturing young minds in several prep schools. It was a joyous moment when my mother and I, sharing a vision for quality and enriching education, decided to open our own preparatory school in Rutland, Brooke Priory. Our endeavour was met with success, growing rapidly and becoming a home of learning for over 200 pupils. Even in my retirement from being Headmistress, my passion for teaching is unwavering, and I continue to enjoy interacting with students on a part-time basis, sharing my experiences and love for learning. Serving as a governor at St Peter's School is a continuation of this lifelong journey in education. I find great joy in my visits and hope to offer my expertise to enhance the learning environment and educational standards at the school. Outside the realm of education, I am an avid enthusiast of equestrian and country sports, thoroughly enjoying the beauty and vibrancy of life in the countryside. I aspire to leverage my extensive experience and insights to make impactful contributions to the vision and future of St Peter’s School.

Symon Dawson

I am Symon Dawson, a long-time resident and active member of the community for nearly 20 years. As the owner of RB Travel, a local coach company, I am deeply committed to the education of children in our area. For over 15 years, I have served as a governor and director of several prominent schools. When I am not engaged in educational endeavours, I find pleasure in watching and providing transportation for local rugby teams. Joining the board of directors at St Peter's in April 2019, my first task was to recruit our Headteacher, Mr Thomas, whose remarkable leadership has propelled the school on an excellent journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at St Peter's and will continue to contribute to the growth of the school, upholding our core values of Curiosity, Creativity, Confidence, and Community. Our vision is to provide every student with the opportunity to develop their full academic, emotional, physical, and moral potential in a safe yet challenging environment. Together, let us work towards a future where each pupil can thrive and succeed.

Phil Drage

I am the proud parent of Rebecca, a former pupil of the school. She is currently pursuing her studies in Computer Security and Forensics at Greenwich University. Having been a resident of Kettering throughout my life, I have deep roots within the community. Professionally, I have had a diverse career path. Previously, I served as a Police Officer, and currently, I work as a Mortgage, Equity Release, and Protection Adviser, helping individuals navigate their financial needs. Rugby holds a special place in my heart, and I actively support Northampton Saints. Moreover, I have contributed to coaching rugby up to the U18's level, fostering a love for the sport amongst young players. At home, you can often find me in the garden, as I cherish spending time outdoors, tending to plants and flowers, crafting new planters for my wife, or attempting to restore my motorbike to its former glory. During Rebecca's time at St Peters, my wife Liza was actively involved in the PTA, supporting the school community. As a Governor, I aspire to build upon the support she provided, promoting St Peter's within our local community. My aim is to collaborate with the Headteacher and dedicated staff in ensuring that the school continues to offer a first-class education to all pupils. I am excited to be part of the St Peters family, and I look forward to contributing to its ongoing success.

Jenny Laskey

As a newly appointed Governor and a proud parent of two former St. Peter's pupils, I bring a wealth of experience and familiarity with the school. Over the years, I have spent significant time within its walls, witnessing the incredible learning environment it offers. Professionally, I am a solicitor with a strong background in litigation and dispute resolution, accumulating over 25 years of expertise. Outside my legal career, I have actively engaged in youth sports, serving as the membership secretary for many years. This involvement has provided me with valuable experience working closely with children for the past decade. Alongside my diverse professional background, I have also held Board of Management roles for over 15 years, demonstrating my commitment to organisational governance and strategic decision-making. Furthermore, I am a qualified Mental Health First Aider, equipped with the necessary skills to support and promote mental well-being within the school community. I am honoured to join the St Peter's Governing Body, bringing my collective experience and dedication to contribute to the continued success of the school.