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Easter Service

Reverend Angie Leads Inspiring Service at St Michael's Church

In a poignant tribute to the spirit of Easter, the entire St. Peter's School community gathered at St Michael's Church for a heartwarming Easter Service, led by Reverend Angie. Against the backdrop of springtime blossoms and renewed hope, students and staff alike came together to commemorate the timeless story of Jesus' death and resurrection.

Amidst the hushed reverence of St Michael's Church, the halls echoed with the voices of the St. Peter's School community as they joined in prayer, reflection, and song. Led by Reverend Angie, the service unfolded as a tapestry of faith and fellowship, weaving together moments of solemn contemplation and joyful celebration.

"We are deeply grateful to Reverend Angie for leading us in this inspiring Easter Service," expressed Mr Thomas, Headteacher. "Her words of wisdom and guidance, coupled with the heartfelt contributions of our Year 6 students and Eco Team, have enriched our celebration and deepened our appreciation for the true meaning of Easter. It is a testament to the strength of our community and the power of faith to unite us in times of joy and reflection."