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Red Nose Fun

School Unites in Red for Red Nose Day: Fun-filled Activities Raise Funds and Spirits

In a riot of crimson hues and laughter, St. Peter's School rallied together for Red Nose Day, donning shades of scarlet and crimson while engaging in a host of entertaining activities to support a worthy cause. From joke competitions to a sea of red attire, the school community came together to spread joy and raise funds for Red Nose Day initiatives.

"We are thrilled by the overwhelming success of our Red Nose Day celebrations," expressed Mrs Glaves, Pastoral Lead at St. Peter's School. "The enthusiasm and generosity displayed by students and staff alike truly exemplify the values of compassion and empathy that we strive to instil in our school community. Together, we have made a meaningful contribution to Red Nose Day initiatives and spread joy to those in need."