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Top 100

Three pupils in top 100 in country in the Language Nut competition.

In a resounding testament to their linguistic prowess and dedication to mastering new languages, St. Peter's School proudly celebrates the remarkable achievements of three of its pupils who have clinched coveted spots in the top 100 of the prestigious Language Nut Competition. Their stellar performances not only highlight the school's commitment to nurturing language skills, but also underscore the students' unwavering dedication to excellence.

The Language Nut Competition provided a platform for students to put their language skills to the test, with challenges encompassing listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and linguistic creativity. Each task presented a unique opportunity for participants to showcase their linguistic acumen and cultural awareness, highlighting the importance of language learning in today's globalised world.

"We are immensely proud of our pupils' outstanding achievements in the Language Nut Competition," expressed Mrs Palmer, Language Teacher at St. Peter's School. "Their success not only reflects their individual dedication and talent but also speaks volumes about the supportive learning environment fostered at our school."