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Clever Clogs Stanwick

Stanwick win first House General Knowledge Quiz.

In a thrilling display of wit and intellect, Stanwick House emerged victorious in the inaugural House General Knowledge Quiz held at St Peter's School, showcasing the remarkable talents and teamwork of its members.

Under the banner of friendly competition, students from all houses gathered in the school hall to test their knowledge across a spectrum of subjects. From history to science, literature to current events, the quiz posed a series of challenging questions designed to stimulate minds and foster camaraderie amongst participants.

Stanwick House's victory was a testament to their collective effort and expertise

"We are incredibly proud of our team's performance in the House General Knowledge Quiz," remarked Alex, captain of Stanwick. "It was a true team effort, with each member contributing their unique strengths and knowledge. This victory is a testament to our dedication, teamwork, and passion for learning."