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Year 5 Shoot into Space

Year 5 visit National Space centre

In an exciting educational expedition, Year 5 students ventured beyond the confines of traditional classrooms to explore the wonders of outer space at the esteemed National Space Centre.

Accompanied by enthusiastic teachers and armed with curiosity, the eager pupils embarked on a captivating journey through the realms of space exploration. From the moment they set foot in the state-of-the-art facility, they were immersed in a world of cosmic discovery and scientific marvels.

Engaging displays and hands-on exhibits allowed students to delve into the mysteries of the universe, from the intricacies of rocket propulsion to the awe-inspiring scale of distant galaxies.

Guided by expert astronomers, students were treated to mesmerising planetarium shows, offering breathtaking glimpses of celestial phenomena and distant worlds.

As aspiring astronauts, students eagerly took on the challenge of simulated space missions, testing their problem-solving skills and teamwork in an exhilarating quest for interstellar exploration.

Informative workshops provided valuable insights into the science and technology behind space travel, inspiring students to pursue their passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Mrs McCahill, Year 5 teacher, expressed her delight at witnessing the students' enthusiasm and engagement throughout the visit. "It's truly incredible to see how their eyes light up with wonder and curiosity as they delve into the mysteries of the cosmos," she remarked. "This experience has ignited a spark of curiosity that will undoubtedly fuel their love for learning and we'll use in our class assembly."