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Kettering Sports Partnership Tennis Festival at St Peter’s School

The annual schools tennis festival took place at St Peters School last week, with our school entering four teams into the Year Three and Year Four competition. We are delighted to have sixteen good tennis players, able enough to be entered for the competition. All of the teams performed very well and were a credit to the School with their competitiveness and All our players recorded some positive results. Only eight of the fifteen teams could make it into the quarter finals. Excitingly, two of our teams made it to this stage and then even more excitingly, both won through to the semifinals against Isham teams One lost out incredibly narrowly at this stage to finish fourth. Our other team qualified for the final. Matthew Kaye and Grace Hillis each won six matches with just a single defeat. It was the Sieunarine siblings, Bella and Simon, who incredibly recorded seven wins and no defeats in what was a tough competition

Our Team Yellow won all four matches and were declared Kettering Schools’ junior tennis champions!

This year we decided to enter two Key Stage One teams to give as many children as possible the opportunity to participate in a range of team activities. There were nine activities including a cone run, bucket ball, two different hitting stations where the children had to take turns to hit the ball over the net into a set part of the court and a team relay game, passing a large ball down the line over and under. The children all worked well and did their best with a final score giving them 4th and 5th place in the competition.

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