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Our Children In Need week was a great success! Five lunchtime events were organised and coordinated by our very efficient team of School Councillors under the supervision of Mrs Eyles. Just over £250 was raised in total! On Monday, for Year Five’s event, many of our Key Stage Two children proudly entered their cakes for St Peter’s School Bake Off! We were thrilled with the kind support from parents who had helped their children bake some truly stunning masterpieces. With such a variety of entries it was very hard for our Councillors to choose just three winners but at lunchtime the decisions were finally reached with Tabitha Fray and Fred McCrone claiming first place for their beautiful apple cakes in a delicate rose design. Ashleigh Meadows was awarded second place for her chocolate fudge Pudsey-inspired cake and Thao Mi Nguyen was awarded third place for her delicate, pink, flowery cake. The cakes were all sold by the Councillors after school raising a staggering £140.95.

On Tuesday, Reception and Key Stage One were invited to enter their teddies into a fancy dress competition which raised £15. All manner of teddies arrived for the occasion wearing a variety of costumes, from Ballerina Bear to a Lemur dressed as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. Former St Ps Key Stage Two Coordinator Mrs Payne kindly judged the competition and the lucky winner was Daniel Pigott, whose bear was dressed in swimming trunks and goggles! Gabriella Ponzetta and Samuel Wake were runners up with their bears, dressed in St Peter’s School uniform and a soldier’s uniform with a poppy.

On the same day Year Six hosted a “Dress the Teacher, Fashion Show” event. As you can see from the photograph our teachers were almost unrecognisable! I wonder if you can guess who’s who? The children in Key Stage Two waited in anticipation in the hall as each teacher was announced and then to cheers of delight and hilarity paraded down the catwalk, to music specially selected by Emily Laskey. This event raised £23.

On Wednesday, our numbers almost doubled in the Key Stage Two playground with the arrival of many teddies and soft toys in a wide ranging collection of garments – this was Year Three’s “Dress the Teddy” event and again it was pleasing to see so many Key Stage Two children happily participating. No one but no one is too cool for teddy fun!

The School Councillors decided to divide the entries into three categories – prettiest bear, character bear and most original bear/soft toy. Beatrice Furnell was delighted to be awarded a prize for her teddy, dressed in an elaborate pink and white dress with a necklace and ballet shoes to match! Thomas Holford was awarded a prize for his bear who was wearing headphones, plenty of bling and a pair of shoes that Thomas tells us he wore when he was at Nursery! We had joint winners in the most original category with Fred McCrone winning a prize for his wounded soldier (most appropriate on 11th November!) and Lawrence Van der Water with his delightful crab wearing a collection of different socks, a tie and a homemade pipe! This event raised £22. Great fun was had by all Key Stage 2 children on Thursday at the Fancy Dress Disco hosted by Year Four and a certain Mrs Chapman delighted all by turning up in a Harry Potter inspired outfit, thanks to and courtesy of Mrs Laskey. Prizes were given out for best dancers and most creative costumes. This event raised £19

On Friday, Key Stage Two held the Champions for Change Grand Raffle which raised a wonderful £52. 

Reception and Key Stage One held an Art competition which raised just over £7. The children were invited to test their creativity by designing and drawing their own Pudsey Bear which they were able to decorate with any medium. The children rose to the challenge, offering a variety of exciting pictures. School Governor Mr Lamb awarded first place to Mariangela Zochiou and her picture is now proudly on display in the St Peter’s School Art Gallery; her Pudsey was coloured using felt tips and can be seen holding balloons made from collage materials. Teegan Edwards, Isabelle Aldwinckle, Victor Knight and Zara Warne were the runners up, and used a variety of materials to decorate their bears, from paint and glitter to scrunched up tissue paper.

Thank you SO MUCH to all those parents who kindly donated prizes. Everyone at School is extremely proud of the pupils for the way in which they led these events and participated with such enthusiasm. They managed to raise a substantial amount of money-over £250- for a very worthwhile cause – and of course had so much fun in the process! And we know that families have supported all of this. The work is for charity and showing social responsibility is an ethos close to the heart of the School… the skills that children gained in the process: team spirit, cooperation, loyalty, negotiation, handling money, advertising….all of these were shrouded in fun!

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