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Harvest Festival

On Thursday morning the altar area in Sunnylands Hall was stacked up with generous donations of food in response to the invitation for the school community to make a collective food donation to local charity Home Start. Thank you also to those families who sent in money donations for The Goodwill Village schools in India. Year Three led St Peter's School in the Harvest Festival Assembly on October 1st. The class had prepared a cantata 'The little Green Frog's Harvest Party' about a frog who forgot to say thank you to his friends. All the children thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing and performing and Mrs Cruickshank was particularly impressed at how quickly the children learned the seven songs and added accompaniments to them too! To keep with the theme of thankfulness some children recited poems that they had written in literacy lessons.

Last week’s Harvest Festival celebrations were both lively and thought-provoking. In the morning, Year Six pupils led the School in its Harvest Festival, presenting a class assembly which served to remind us of our good fortune in terms of our relative ‘food wealth’ compared to the ‘food poverty’ in some part of the world. The letters of the word HARVEST were rearranged to make other words such as STARVE and SHARE. Some interesting facts and figures were put forward to prick our collective conscience: Do you know that the amount of food that is thrown away in the UK and US in one year would be enough to feed one billion people in poor countries? The idea of hunger was explored, and we were asked by Year Six to consider that despite sometimes thinking we were hungry, the experience of true hunger is something unknown to us. The question was posed: What if you hadn’t eaten lunch or dinner or breakfast for the last TEN days? Charities whose aim is to help the hungry were identified: The World Food Programme, UNICEF, Christian Aid, Christian African Relief Trust, Self Help Africa and Fair Trade. Year Six left us with a thought provoking statement: Harvest…is a small word but a word that can change in many ways and mean many things.

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