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What a delight to see our children engaged in creating such Christmas magic on stage together yesterday.  Through song and story we were told about Humph the Camel who, despite being a very hard working camel, had not been blessed with the gift of being able to make good conversation.  All he could ever say was 'Humph!'  However, it was when he was on a very important job with two other camels, taking three noble kings on an important journey that he had his moment of epiphany. As he gazed upon the face of a baby boy lying in the manger he was filled with such joy that he too was able to join in a song of praise.  This was a memorable and joyful moment for all of us in the audience too, and I thank parents for fully engaging in the performance as audience members rather than gazing at the screen of a mobile phone while filming the moment.  Well done to all the boys and girls of Sunnylands Nursery and Reception Class of St Peter's School for bringing a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas to us all.

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