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St Peter's School Sports Day 2014
It was a perfect weather day for our pupils yesterday and one in which we all witnessed excellent team spirit, determination and promising athletic skills.  In the morning pupils in Key Stage Two took part in the following field events: discus, javelin, shot, standing long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump, standing ball throw and speed bounce.  The school grounds were set up to provide a clear flow by small groups moving from one station's activity to the next.  It was great to see so many parents managing to support in the morning.  A number of new records were set: Montague MacPhee now holds the record for Year Four Boys Shot, with a throw of 14.4m.  Lydia Borbas clinched an impressive three field records: Year Six Girls Javelin (14.08m), Year Six Girls Standing Ball Throw (10.4m) and Year Five & Six Girls Shot (10.2m). Our inaugural record holders for the new field event of Speed Bounce were: Thao Mi Nguyen with 63 bounces in the Year Three & Year Four Girls, Samuel Buckenham with 58 bounces in the Year Three & Year Four Boys, Blainne Conway with 75 bounces in the Girls Year Five & Year Six and Kiran Conway with 74 bounces in the Boys Year Five & Year Six category.
There was a celebratory feel to the afternoon section of Sports Day, when our very own Key Stage Two samba band, involving all the pupils in that part of the school, parading around the track playing samba rhythms recently learnt with Mrs Cruickshank to tie in with the World Cup. It was with great excitement that our younger pupils joined Sports Day, taking part in a variety of races aimed to provide fun and a gentle desire to do well, in preparation for the later years at St Ps, when that competitive edge is often sharpened further!  Well done to all the boys and girls in Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Two for taking part, being brave, running as fast as possible, enjoying the races and learning to enjoy the personal victory of finishing, regardless of the position gained.  There were lots of stickers to keep the smiles on their faces! 
In Key Stage Two the track events also brought great excitement, with sprint races that had an even quicker pace than usual, sack races which certainly exercised those thigh muscles, skipping races which the pupils seemed to fly through, racquet & ball races that tested the powers of concentration and speed, hurdles that never seemed too high for our pupils to negotiate, relays that tested the all important baton hand-over and the much respected long runs, which showed off pupils' stamina combined with speed.  Particular mention is made of Blainne Conway is the new record holder for the girls 400m long run, slicing 3 seconds off the previous record, and coming in at 1.29 seconds! There was excellent team effort all round and I was impressed to see how pupils were also keen to assist teachers in setting up and collecting equipment.  The final results were: 1st place-Rutland with 513 points, 2nd place-Grafham with 488 points, 3rd place-Pitsford with 465 points and 4th place-Thorpe with 408 points. Well done everyone!

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