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uniformsAn important aspect of our School is how our pupils present themselves.  Many parents confirm that they want pupils to be smart and to look smart too.  This is why the standard of school uniform worn by all pupils is very important. 

The school uniform is set by the School’s Governing Body.  Parents are expected to ensure that their child complies with the School Uniform, and this is part of the ‘terms and conditions’ that parents agree to when children are registered at the School as pupils.

The School Uniform Shop is open on Thursday during term time from 3pm to 4pm.  If Uniform is required outside of these hours, please contact the School office.

* Items below are available from the Uniform Shop.
Orders can also be placed at any time downloading an order formwhich should be accompanied with full payment and passed to the School Office.  

Writing materials, including colouring pencils and felt tipped pens should be kept in a pencil case. No writing equipment should be of the type with a fashion aroma, such as fruit.

No jewellery, apart from watches, should be worn in school. Girls with pierced ears may wear studs, one per ear only. We advise that ears are not pierced during term time, because it is essential that all pupils participate in PE, Games and Swimming. Please ensure that long hair is tied and clipped back. All hair accessories should be blue or black. 

All clothes, shoes and equipment must be clearly marked with the owner’s name. Fabric name tapes should be used where appropriate.



Winter essentials

St Peter’s School blazer  *

Navy blue coat *
Plain grey socks* or tights
Blue or grey gloves *
St Peter’s School scarf  and knitted hat* (optional)
Black shoes in a plain style

Summer essentials

St Peter’s School blazer  *
St Peter's School Sunhat*


Navy blue P.E. shorts *
St Peter’s School pale blue sports shirt * 
St Peter’s School track suit * 
House T-shirt * (Year 3 - Year 6) 
St Peter's School swimsuit * or trunks* (Year 2 - Year 6)
St Peter's School swimhat * (Year 2 - Year 6)
White sports socks
Sky blue football socks * (Year 3 – Year 6) 
Black slip- on plimsolls
Trainers (Year 1 - Year 6)
Football boots (Year 3 – Year 6)

Additional Items

St Peter’s School overall * (Nursery – Year 2)
St Peter’s School shoe bag *
St Peter’s School book bag * (Reception - Year 2)
St Peter’s School swimming bag *
St Peter’s School backpack, (KS2*) or satchel  in black, blue or grey
Sports bag in black, brown, blue or grey
The Oxford Pocket Dictionary
A recorder and/or Ocarina (available for purchase from school when required)

Boys Uniform

St Peter’s School cap *
St Peter’s School tie *
Grey jumper *
Long grey socks (Summer)*
White Shirt (Winter)/ White short sleeved shirt (Summer)
Grey trousers (Winter)/Grey shorts (Summer)*
St Peter’s School blazer  *

Girls Uniform

St Peter’s School regulation grey pinafore * or skirt * (Winter)
St Peter’s School summer dress * or                      
St Peter’s School blue and white checked short sleeved blouse * (Summer)
St Peter’s School blue & white check blouse * (Winter)
St Peter’s School blue cardigan * 
St Peter’s School grey felt hat with hat band * (Winter)
St Peter’s School straw boater with hat band * (Summer)
Plain long white socks (Summer)
Navy blue sandals of a sturdy type may be worn in summer
Plain blue or white hair bands or ribbons


From Yr 2 the students go swimming every Friday. In order to be as practical as possible, for this reason all pupils arrive at School every Friday in their tracksuits and PE uniform. You will be reminded by your child's class teacher to take all PEkits home on Thursday afternoons.

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