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Pupils explored the ‘Planets’ gallery where there were giant models of each planet as well as a telescope and some recreations of the Mars Space Probes.  They were investigating in particular whether life on Mars would ever be possible, after watching with interest the Mars Space Mission being launched in the same week as their visit.  A fabulous 3D planetarium show followed which explained all about the training and dangers involved in becoming an astronaut as well as demonstrating a little of the G force effect that is encountered when a rocket breaks out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Pupils attended a special workshop that linked with their specific science topic this term: ‘Earth, Sun and Moon’.  They were fascinated by demonstrations of the Sun’s power, how the Earth’s tilt causes the seasons and why the moon changes shape over the course of a month. A visit to the ‘Rocket Tower’ concluded the day where our children learnt all about the ‘Space Race’, saw a real section of a rocket and found out how astronauts stay healthy in space when they have to they eat and sleep with no gravity.

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