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Just before half term a tired but very happy group of Year Five and Year Six pupils, together with Mr Holmes and Mrs Van Rensburg, returned from a residential trip, having spent five days in South Wales undertaking some exciting physical and mental challenges. Abseiling, bush craft, orienteering, caving, climbing, and a waterfall walk were just some of the activities that served to build up confidence, stamina and team spirit.  To relax in the evenings there were activities such as swimming, a canal walk, a quiz, a hill walk and a talent show. I am pleased to report that all pupils eventually slept well; the average time of eyelids closing was (to the joy of the teachers) a little earlier each night! Mr Holmes and Mrs Van Rensburg were most impressed by our pupils’ determination, as there were tough challenges involved.  One of the hardest for some was to keep their rooms tidy! :)  I have a hunch that many happy memories were created on this trip. I thank Mr Holmes and Mrs Van Rensburg for being away from their own families during a whole week in order to give the pupils this unforgettable and valuable experience.  Look out for a display of photographs on Founders Day.

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