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This year our Summer Concert showcased a broad variety of music-making, representing just some of the curricular and extra-curricular work. Music should be exciting, daring, sensitive, emotive and inspirational.  It should never be dull.  It should create an emotional response and touch the audience in some way. All of these boxes were ticked on the evening of the Summer Concert, when Mrs Cruickshank and pupils in Key Stage Two performed for us.  We heard pupils in four part singing, vocal solos, ocarina consorts, piano solos, guitar groups, violin solos and recorder ensembles as well as arrangements of music from the BBC music initiative Ten Pieces.  There was some movement to accompany the music too, with a lovely ballet sequence from three of Miss Chatwin’s ballet students, and a memorable street-style dance setting to a movement piece created by Year Six.  All in all, this was an unforgettable concert.

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