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On Friday, pupils in 3JCF, 4AH, 5JL and 6CV took part in an afternoon of French activities as part of their French Day celebrations, a time when French takes over much of the day.  We have yet to work out a way of weaving French into the swimming timetable. :)  In the afternoon the children took part in a relay, involving "galettes".  Far from chaotic, this event was fun and frantic! French songs and dances were presented by each class, relating to the French topics studied so far during this academic year. We particularly look forward to 6CV's presentation of an Epiphany play.  The entire Key Stage had rehearsed a French song about the days of the week.  I was most impressed with their confidence in singing complex verses in French when I heard the children earlier today. On Friday we judged the Epiphany crowns made by 3JC and 4AH.  All of this French fayre was rounded off with a feast of juice and pastries provided by chef cuisinier Fountain.

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